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Moon Gate by sculptor Tony Armeni


Thank you for visiting our Founding Funders page. When you become a Founding Funder, you lift us a little higher, toward our goal of fostering a thriving arts community that will enrich Youngstown.


Join us in thanking our Founding Funders! All will receive a special invitation to a project celebration where we’ll offer our gifts from the art community (the gifts are cumulative; donors receive the gift of their level and all gifts below).


To make a donation, please click here


This fundraiser ends February 28, 2024 and we will invite all funders to a celebration in March. Donors of $10,000 and up, please reach out to discuss your engagement with the project.


Donors of $10,000 will have naming rights for an area in the center 

• Barbara Brothers
• Liz Hill


Donors of $5000 and up will be entered into a drawing for a moon gate by sculptor Tony Armeni (background)

• Bobbie Billings 
• Marie Davidson

• Elizabeth Kauffman


Donors of $1000 and up will receive a sculpture by ceramicist
Gail Trunick

• Carla Cannatti & Bill Arens 
• Janet Fraile


Donors of $500 and up will be entered into a drawing for a painting by watercolorist Chris Leeper


Donors of $100 and up will receive a Founding Funder t-shirt designed by Mike Egan

• Fred & Mary Lou Alexander
• Betsy Barrickman
• Lena Carson
• Betsy Ford
• Daniel Horne
• Ryan Johnquest
• Jim & Melanie Jordan

• Don Martin
• Dan Matthews
• Leah Merritt

• Kristina Rule

• Karen Schubert
• Elise Skolnick

• Abby Wendle


Donors of $10 and up will receive a set of postcards designed by
Tony Nicholas

• Dante DelBene
• Julie Martin
• Mitchel Moomau
• Dorothy Skaggs
• Christine Silvestri

Thank you for your support and encouragement!


To donate by check, please include your contact information
including email, and mail to:

LOOP Youngstown

323 Wick Ave. #6

Youngstown, OH 44503


To donate by credit card or PayPal, please click Donate below. 


Postcards designed by Tony Nicholas

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